I.T. Asset Disposition

Tech Resale provides accurate and efficient end-to-end I.T. asset disposition
and environmentally-friendly recycling for all of your excess, end-of-life equipment.Our I.T. asset disposition services deliver organized, audited and fully documented results that are consistent with today’s highest security and environmental standards.

Asset Disposition Services:

Tech Resale’s I.T. asset disposition services ensure that your company’s information, data and equipment are professionally handled and secure. We provide full chain of custody documentation and our services are fully insured for your protection. Our suite of asset disposition services include:

  • • Fast, fair evaluation of assets
  • • Timely and organized removal of equipment
  • • On- or off-site data destruction
  • • On- or off-site hard drive shredding
  • • Environmentally responsible handling and recycling of materials

Tech Resale also understands that not every piece of equipment slated for disposal is quite ready for recycling. In many situations, upon evaluation, it may be determined that some equipment may still have residual value that allows a company to get a return on their investment. If this is the case, a Tech Resale asset recovery specialist can help maximize your return. For many companies, the return they receive offsets the expense of I.T. asset disposition.