Our Process Responsible Recycling

We aim to have the smallest footprint possible when disposing of hard drives and other computer equipment such as electronic equipment, metals and plastics. That’s why we partner with an EPA certified recycling plant to safely dispose of unwanted or destroyed equipment. We, along with our partners share a commitment to never incinerate, export or send to landfills electronic waste components. All computer equipment materials are broken down to their most basic components before being processed for recovery of commodity grade materials (metals and non-metals) through processes that are legally compliant with state and federal laws. These materials are then returned back to manufacturing stream.

On-site Equipment Removal and Data Destruction

Tech Resale is one of the few companies to provide on-site removal and data destruction for computer equipment. Our trained technicians will show up in a timely manner and ensure that equipment is removed in a fast and efficient manner. All of our data destruction services, including hard drive shredding, hard drive crushing, hard drive degaussing and data wiping can be performed either on-site or remotely for your added convenience.

Asset Recovery

Tech Resale provides asset recovery services to businesses that need to liquidate off-lease and surplus computer equipment. We provide professional fair valuation by qualified team members who will then route equipment to be refurbished, disassembled into usable parts, or destroyed and recycled. We provide equipment for purchase, bid purchase, or asset sharing, depending on your needs and budget.

Bankruptcy Asset Liquidation

We are experienced in working with businesses small and large to eliminate excess inventory and provide additional capital when it’s needed most. We’ll help you to liquidate your IT assets when your business is downsizing, moving or closing your doors.

Logistics Management Services

Tech Resale has a broad network of computer equipment removal specialists who work to quickly and efficiently remove excess IT inventory. While we have a fleet of our own trucks, we also partner with local logistics resources in many cities for our customers’ added convenience.

Computer Equipment Reuse and Donation

At Tech Resale, we aim to repurpose as much computer equipment as possible. We make every effort to repair and refurbish equipment that has been through the proper data destruction process. All equipment that is obsolete and/or broken beyond repair is stripped of reusable parts which are then refurbished and reused. Tech Resale is also a part of a donation program for unwanted or surplus products like LCD monitors and repurposed hard drives, which are given to local schools and non-profits in the area. Data Destruction We provide comprehensive data destruction services including: Data wiping / erasure, hard drive crushing and hard drive shredding, hard drive degaussing and certificates and reporting. Contact us now to learn more about our affordable and convenient data destruction services for your office. We offer fair prices, friendly service and are fully compliant. It’s easy to get started. Simply fill out our easy form, attach a spreadsheet with a list of your unwanted hard drives and one of our team members will follow-up with you shortly.

Equipment Removal

If you have off-lease or surplus equipment occupying your valuable warehouse or office space and you would like it removed in a fast and efficient manner, Tech Resale will take care of your asset removal and recycling needs. We understand that some businesses are not equipped with loading docks and don’t have the ability to shrink wrap and palletize their equipment. When needed, Tech resale will provide complete removal of the equipment directly from your facility.

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